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Voice over artist – Course Details, Jobs, Skills

11, July 2022


A Voice Over Artist Is Basically An Artist Who Uses His/ Her Voice To Narrate A Story, In A Way That Audience Could Clearly Understand The Ideology Of A Theme, Message Deriving From It. Voice Over Is Very Concept To Understand And An Impressive Skill To Learn. It Takes People Years Of Practice To Reach That Level Of Perfection.

Voiceover Artists Are Also Known As Voiceover Actors, And Auditory Performers Have Different Jobs To Do Some Of Prominent Jobs Are:-

  • VIDEO GAMES-predefined voice has been recorded for telling the features and real-time attention in the game for e.g.:- in PUBG “ENEMIE’S AHEAD”
  • COMMERCIALS- voice running in the background during the advertisement being displayed. Piyus Pandey is considered to be the best Indian voice over artist his work like- “fevicol lgao aur zor lgao”, “fevicol ka jod hai paani me bhi ni tootega”.
  • AUDIOBOOKs- sometime people tends to prefer listening than reading reminding of good old days, when our grandparents used to narrate us story. Considering that fact, people are sometime exhausted from work wants to have leisure time but not in the mood of reading; audiobooks are the best medicine for them. Sometimes it’s a special note referring to special person e.g.:- boy want to speak his heart out in front of a girl but unable to do so because of awkwardness in that case audiobooks works best to carve that message.
  • APPS- in the era of processed media people get easily dependent on on sites and apps for small even things. Each day new apps are floating to make our lives easier. We can simply take the example of google maps: - it just tells us the direction in real time by saying “400m ahead”, “After 800m take right”.
  • E-LEARNING: - prerecorded and real time voices are being use especially in this field. Students of young age studying in elementary classes prefer more to learn online than offline. Because they find it interesting and at the same time they get amused by it. Most of the schools are developing their own e-learning sites so student can access their also.


  • DICTION/ORTHOGRAPHY: - the system of spelling and pronouncing words in an area of language correctly.
  • VOICE MODULATION- it means the throw of your voice, turning up the pitch, or should be low, how your tone should be, so that message is delivered clearly and understood by the audience.
    • Stress on powerful words
    • Consider pauses
    • Keep in mind about punctuations
    • Avoid murmuring (ahh,uhmm,chhhh)
    • One should sound confident and excited.
  • Ability To Read And Interpret In Audio
  • VOCAL TECHNIQUES: - one should have idea about how he/she is going to make that story unique by using different techniques making it more interesting for the audience. E.g.:- when Hollywood movies are dubbed into hindi, telugu, kannada etc
  • BREATHE CONTROL: - it is the key to persuasive speaking, don’t just throw you’re breathe noise on the mic, take pauses, practice control on breath.
  • MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE- don’t blow into mic, speak directly into your mic, use filters over the mic, don’t get too close or too far away from the microphone.
  • Audio Recording And Editing Software- one should be aware of the software that is being used in voiceover, it will help the artist of more understanding of what he needs to do and what he don’t. He/ she will be able to work with ease knowing the about the software in advance while working.
  • IMPROVISATION- there is an always scope of improvisation in this field- you blundered something, quickly fix it by using your presence of mind. One should keep improvising him and should keep them up-to –date.
  • COMMUNICATION- should have good communication skill, able to interact with the audience. And can handle the situations. These skills works in pranks shows “stranger calling prank”, delivering any particular information or message to someone.
  • NETWORKING AND SELFMARKETING- one should be able to build relationships, should be more of extrovert and social person. And knows how to sell him among them. How to become popular, how to stand out.


  • You Van Give Voices In Radio Programs
  • Can Narrate Story Books
  • In Documentaries For Explaining The Scenario And Facts
  • Cartoon Funny Voices
  • Dub smash/ Dubbing Artist
  • To Portray Characters
  • Into Theatre

Perks:-There Is High Demand of Voice over artist and Actors Out There in Entertainment Industry, If You Have Great Voice-

  • Work with leisure
  • Work from home
  • Age doesn’t even matter
  • Can work at ampetheatres, studios, radio stations, free lancing, production studios, transport terminals, remote worksites, etc.
  • It is a versatile job and one should be flexible in ways.


ONLINE-many sites claim to provide diploma course of voiceover artist along with the certificate, with the tenure of upto 6months or a year.

OFFLINE- many recognized institutions, studios, and agency offer voiceover artist courses along with certificate with the tenure of upto 6months or a year.

We welcome you to explore more!


  • Average Annual Salary Is 5 Lakhs
  • But if you’re working with Prominent Agencies Like Disney They Pay well- 5 Lakhs.
  • Payment Are Also Partial Depending Upon The Area Of Work And Its Length.
  • People Get Paid Hourly, Weekly, Monthly.

Winding up

Voiceover artists have very important role in entertainment industry. If you have a good voice than you must give it a shot. You can join any offered course with recognitions and develop and enhance your voice and learn more skills. It will let you pay well alongside you will enjoy your work a lot.

Doing the job which gives you pleasure, doesn’t feel like job anymore, we give it all our blood, sweat in it. Also state of mind will always process good.

If you have a good voice, let people hear you out loud!