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Anchoring and Reporting – Certificate and Diploma Course

09, July 2022


Journalism is the field where experience and skills matter a lot although there is no specific mention that you should need a specific degree for the field of journalism the degree of one year can make your expertise in this field and train you to enter a professional way. So, let’s find out the whole structure. Explore more about Anchoring and Reporting Certificate Course


The course is for one year which is comprised of a certificate from your college and provides you with internships in the media houses. the one-year course gives you the practical learning of writing styles, anchor ethics, and journalist research and helps you to face the camera without any fear and present yourself nicely.


This profession is an important part of society all the information around the world is spread because of media houses. They made information and occurrence of any incident knowledge too easy for human beings. This course not only helps you in media houses but in the different fields, the practical knowledge will make you a renowned person. These are some beneficiary points: -

  • Develop writing skills.
  • Enhance your research and analysis activity.
  • Make your communication skill way better than you accept. 
  • Committing work on deadlines will develop discipline in you. 
  • It will make you more creative and ingenuity.


Admission to one year course can be done in both the modes online and offline mode. It depends on the college on which basis they want to take admission whether on a merit basis or to conduct an entrance exam usually, colleges take the admission on a merit 

Basis. The certain steps for admission procedures are:- 

Step 1 Fill out the form released by the college website

Step2 gives the form of admission the college is demanding. 

Step 3 once you are selected complete all your document verification 

Get Enrolled for Anchoring and Reporting Course


The eligibility of this course is not so complicated. You should score more than 50 percent in high school exams with an acknowledged board. Any stream student can join this course.


These course fees are not so costly. The average fees lie between INR 5,000 to INR 200,000.


This course opens many doors in the journalism field. It provides you with various jobs of media house which help you to enhance your knowledge and teach you with the practical session of media. Here are some of the lists of different jobs present in the media house after this course: -

  • News reporter – the job of the news reporter is to gather information, collect some truthful stories, write news and submit the report to the editor within the deadline given to them.
  • Media research – they are in charge to gather of the information about society from different sources such as news agencies, government, blogs, social media, online sites, and other forms of news gathering. 
  • Screenwriter – this job is for creative writers who can make a place in the media houses through their writing skills. Their job is to write the script of anchors and programs running in the media. 
  • Proof-readers – are the verifiers of the department who check all the reading materials of the screenwriters and rectify their mistakes of them. It is one of the most crucial jobs in the journalism field. 
  • Content developers- work on the content needed in the media to run the programs on the channel. They create the content for the sites. 
  • Editor – they work on the editing of the news which is gathered by the reporter. Their job is basically to keep track of the selection and preparation of the news which published or broadcast the next day. 
  • Photojournalist – in every digital and print media photographer is much needed who depicts all the news with one click of their camera. Their skills will be seen in his photographs. This job is for those who choose their photography skill as a career. They are some rules for photojournalists which can’t be violated by any media organization. This rule is called a code of ethics in every field.