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Sound Designing

Courses Type :  3 Months Certification courses

Certificate in Sound Designing

Aural perception plays a very vital role in the communication. Even in the silent era of cinema musicians played live next to the screen. The importance was felt right on the onset. There was no mean to record then. Audio in films complemented the visuals and the communication became more effective with the development in sound recording. The growth in digital technology has changed the scenario altogether. It has triggered the expansion of private television stations and FM radio stations which in turn has become a good source of employment. Together with Cinema, Television, Radio broadcasting and events, it generates a good measure of employment opportunities.

Sound design is a crucial part of making a film sound realistic and immersive. Sound effects are used along with dialogue to enhance the overall experience of the film. It can also be used to create emotion through the use of music. Taking a sound designing course will give you a well-rounded understanding of the field. This includes a brief tour of the audio recording process, and the different types of synthesis that are available. There are plenty of ways to make your sound-making skills go from good to great. You may be an amateur, but you can learn some basic techniques and tricks from an online course. Besides, there are some free libraries of sound effects that you can download to get you started. In order to properly master the art of sound design, you need to learn about different sound libraries, sound recording programs, and various sound-related tools and tricks. A good start is to create a YouTube channel where you can post videos of your spec demos. Putting together a library of sounds can be a huge help in your quest to create a memorable soundtrack. At GKFTII Students will pick from a range of programs that offer specialized tracks in a variety of areas, including interactive learning tools, audio post production, sound design, and game audio. Although it's a hefty program, students will also benefit from networking and professional development opportunities. To take your skills to the next level, you might consider a full-time bachelor's or master's degree in sound design. These programs are often in demand. Unlike other degrees, they allow you to pick the specialization that suits your interests. The program is highly collaborative and flexible, allowing you to choose a curricular path that suits your lifestyle. As with all the best courses, you should also look for a class that has a hands-on approach. This will enable you to actually build a working model of the sound production process. Some courses are taught by professionals who have real-world experience, while others are just that-a course.



  • Understanding aural perception
  • Audio related science
  • Nature of sound; acoustics
  • Various types of microphones and their uses in recording
  • Various types of speakers and monitors
  • Mixers and consoles
  • Analogue and digital recording
  • Computer hardware and specialized software for sound
  • Studio recordings
  • Outdoor recordings
  • Music and effect recording
  • Dialogue recording and dubbing
  • Radio Jockeying
  • Exercises in voice and speech
  • Mixing of tracks
  • Creative Sound designing & post production work
  • Writing for radio programs
  • Jingles. (Radio advertisements)
  • Various applications of sound in the new media


GKFTII Offering 3 Month Duration Certificate Course in Sound Designing. During the Course you will learn about the Sound Recording, Outdoor recording, mixing and tracks and many more explore more Syllabus

3 Months Certification courses In Sound Designing

  • Studio Engineer
  • Sound Recordist (on set/location)
  • Music Composer
  • Music Arranger
  • Film Sound Designer
  • Game Sound Designer
  • Mixing Engineer for Films and Music
  • Live Sound Engineer for Concerts and Events
  • Music Producer
  • DJ / Electronic Music Producer
  • Promo Producer
  • Radio Sound Engineer
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