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I am indeed grateful to GKFTII to provide me such a environment where I could explore, understand and take plenty of learnings with me. I am Thankfull to all faculty here, who have helped me understand my potential, which really made a difference in the way I perceived Acting. With all the classroom learnings and the events GKFTII holds so we can showcase our talents, I have become even more passionate about Acting.Thank You Very Much GKFTII !

Ashmita Tiwari

My experience at GKFTII has been fabulous , one of the best experiences is the students’ interaction and hands on knowledge with experiences shared by the celebrities like Eric Pillai, India’s profound Sound Engineer, Nikhil Advani and Vishal Pandya, renowned Bollywood Directors, etc. This certainly adds to knowledge besides the classroom teachings imparted by our eminent learned faculties”. “A big thank you to all for making it big for us”.

Utkarsh Chandra

GKFTII has enabled me to overcome my fear of performing, with its supportive professionals, huge space to practice over and over again and constant learning. With the state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained faculties, GKFTII is just the place to be to convert your passion for acting into full- fledged profession.

Shivani Tyagi

GKFTII has proved to be a landmark in my Acting career as my expectations have been fulfilled. The

dedicated faculty has made me more confident and  enriched in my acting skills. The exposure given here has made me realize my career goals and I am  geared for my future challenges and opportunities.

Gyanendra Mishra