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Still Photography & Journalism

Courses Type :  3 Months Certification courses

Photography is the root of many allied art forms like moon picture, photography, cinema, television programs and new media. It is inseparable from advertisement and has traditional relationship with the print journalism. Fashion, glamour, product shots, table-top, wild life, travel photography, event coverage, photo journalism, industrial, architectural, science, medical, crime, forensic science and many other applications have been a major employment source in the field since long. Each requires a different temperament and understanding besides the specialized equipment for each category. Photography is a perfect art form bonded together by science and technology. Digital revolution has brought plethora of changes in man’s life. It has brought photography to everyone’s hand through smart phones and other entry level cameras but the art forms needs serious efforts and learning. The camera can bring out reasonably good technical quality pictures in average lightning situations through the various set of algorithm fed into it but photography is much more than a technically good picture. Camera is not the creator of art form but it can be created by the man behind it. You need to develop a good artistic sense to express your emotions through the camera by creating every picture a memorable piece of art. Photography has much more than snap-shot or selfie.



  • History of photography
  • Nature of Light
  • Various forms of recording technology
  • Digital technology
  • Sketching & Painting
  • Exposure factures?
  • Photographic optics
  • Lenses
  • Depth of field related creative use.? Filters and its uses
  • Still cameras and menu
  • Studio flash lights and its uses
  • Various categories of photo shoots
  • Special effects
  • Photo shop
  • Audio visual
  • Elements of Journalism
  • Photo journalism???
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