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ONE YEAR INTEGRATED DIPLOMA IN FILM AND TELEVISION TECHNOLOGY. (For Under Graduate and Graduate Students Only) in 1st course of 1 year diploma.

Courses Type :   1 Year Diploma courses

In the late seventies premiere film schools worldwide felt the need of integrated approach to film making and started the integrated courses covering all the four majordisciplines, namely, acting, cinematography, editing and direction. In the profession it was noticed that the actors at one stage dawned the director's hat, cinematographers too aspired to become directors and also the editors comfortably wielded the megaphone and took to the director's chair. Production traditionally remained inseparable from direction. It was realised by people in the field in Hollywood and then Bombay, now Mumbai, that it is better to be a 'Film maker' than being just a director, if one wanted to outshine. There is no sharp demarcation between the departments of film making. Each one flows into the others domain making it essential to have the knowledge of the other disciplines too rather than sticking to a single discipline for better coordination. This was all the more applicable in the case of aspiring directors.

One-yearIntegrated Post Graduate Diploma in Film & Television Production Technologycourse covers a wide spectrum of film production knowledge enabling the directors to take out the best of all the personnel from various disciplines working under him. Students of integrated courses worldwide stand a better chance of acceptance in the field.

Industry standard Production exercises as an actor.
Industry standard Production exercises as a Director of Photography.
Industry standard Production exercises as an Editor.
Industry standard fiction production exercises as a Director.
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