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Courses Type :   3 Months Certification courses

Every bit of fine action and nuances in expression of an actor is caught in a camera. Every frame is captured by camera. Camera is the next pillar of visual medium. Pleasant lighting makes a world of difference whether it is in films or only a photograph. Lighting is 'painting with light', as done by artist with brush and colours. This is a very specialized art form. However Cinematography in general and especially digital high definition cinematography has its roots in science and technology. Thus cinematography is the marriage of art and science. Students are given adequate knowledge of photographic science that includes knowledge of light ( Nature of light and its behavior) , color, color management, attributes of color and psychology of color and applications, optics, various types of lenses and its uses, filters and its applications. Various recording systems, basic theatrical HD projections, basics of television broadcasting etc are included in the curriculum. Since every shot has to be not only pleasing but needs to be meaningful in accordance to the film script and more importantly, the film and television grammar. Students are given adequate inputs of grammar for film and television, documentaries, ad-films (TVCs), TC serials and multi-camera productions.

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