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School of Fashion & Design

School of Fashion Design | GKFTII

After leaving a mark in the film industry and becoming India’s biggest production house, T Series has been contributing to the education sector also since past years. The educational venture of T- Series is a dream project of Shri Gulshan Kumar Ji where promising youth gets training in Performing arts, Acting courses, Journalism courses, Fashion Designing Courses, and Textile designing courses at reasonable fees.

GKFTII (School of fashion and Textile design)is one of the leading fashion design Institute in India offers some of the best fashion designing courses in Delhi, India.We aim at providing world-class education to aspiring fashion designers. With our robust infrastructure, advanced labs, and highly efficient advisory board, students get extensive and thorough academic training as well as industry exposure. GKFTII strives to provide its students with the best facilities, faculties, internships, and placement opportunities.

In our world-class infrastructure and state of art facilities, we have specialized advanced labs and studios to render the best practical training to our students.

Fashion Designing Courses

GKFTII School of Fashion Designis one of the top leading fashion designing institute in Delhi, India offers undergraduate, post graduate and diploma courses in fashion designing.These courses are designed efficiently for training the students in all the aspects of fashion designing and textile designing and prepare you to take on the fashion industry with confidence. To become a successful fashion designer, you don’t just follow the latest trends, you able to create latest trends to keep in pace with the current the trend in the fashion industry.

Objectives of Our Fashion Designing & Textile Design Courses

Our school of fashion Design is where technology meets design, our course curriculum is specially designed to fulfill the current industry demands. Students will not only be trained in designing and creativity but also in managerial skills and merchandising. Being one of the best Textile Designing andfashion designing Institute in India, Our goal is to provide quality training to the promising candidates and turn them into professional experts ready to grab the opportunities to enter into the fashion industry.

Being one of the best Textile and fashion designing institute in India, Our main aim to bring the best out of the student so that they can make a successful career in art of fashion designing and textile designing.

Fashion Designing & Textile Design Course Description

Below is the list of our fashion design coursesand textile Designing coursesoffered by GKFTII (School of Fashion Design) that are designed to meet all your requirements.

PG Diploma course in Fashion Design & Textile Design

With the increasing demands of Fashion and Textile designers in today’s fashion industry, GKFTII (School of Fashion and Design) has architected the course-curriculum of its “one year diploma in fashion and textile design”.

This fashion designing course is designed for those students who are looking to complete their graduation with fashion designing and Textile Designing as the core subject. The course includes two semesters which is spread over 1 year. In this diploma in fashion designing and textile designing offers the opportunity to learn all the fundamentals of fashion designing as well as gives the freedom to sketching, embroidery,drawing, draping to production management.

B.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design Course

Bachelor in science B.Sc. in Fashion Designing and Textile Designing is an undergraduate fashion and textile designing course. This course covers all the aspects in the field of fashion and textile designand technical machine work. The duration of B.Sc. in fashion designing is mostly of three academic year divided into 6 semester which combine and covers all the fundamental of fashion designing and textile designing with a view to understandthe background and roots of fashion design.

The specific feature of the Fashion and Textile Design Course is that it not only provides a degree but also an industry oriented professional 1 year diploma along with value added certificate courses.

M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design Course

M.Sc. in Fashion Designing + Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designingis a two year master degree course is aim to develop professional from fashion and textile industry. This 2-year master degree program spread over 4 semesters. Each semester is designed to offers maximum exposure in fundamentals on both the segments of the industry -Textile and Clothing. This course helps students get the complete knowledge of fashion and Textile design and market them in the most effective manner.

The specific feature of M.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design program is that it not only provides a degree but you also get 1 year diploma along with value added certificate courses.

B.Des. Fashion Designing Course

B.Des. Fashion Designing+ Diploma in Fashion Designing is an undergraduate fashion and textile design course. It is a 4 year master degree program spread over 8 semesters. In this Bachelor of design in fashion design focused on detailed study in various functional areas like Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Fashion Technology, Fashion Marketing etc. This Program will help students to develop their skills in Fashion Professionals and Fashion Entrepreneurs. Our Course are designed to meet the current trends of fashion designing world and walk in fashion industry with confidence.

The specific feature of B.Des. Fashion Designing Courseprogram is that it not only provides a degree but you also get 1 year diploma in fashion designing.

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