The future of film: Trend and Technique you need to Know 2019

Sep 10, 2019     GKFTII

The future of film: Trend and Technique you need to Know 2019

Film making is an art and a handful of people have the talent to turn a simple movie into a super hit. Since many centuries, the various techniques have been introduced in the film industry. A few years back, the films were ordinary without any special effects, visual effects, sounds, and colourful background. 

You must have watched some of the best Hollywood movies such as Avatar and Avengers. The techniques and visual effects used in these films are noteworthy. In the same way, the Bollywood industry is also adopting new trends and techniques in the process of filmmaking.

1. The Internet Revolution: Short-Film, Small Budget and the growth of Streaming

Popularity in Netflix and Amazon

Online streaming of movies, videos and TV shows is becoming a favourite hobby of every person these days. Most of the Android and iOS users watch online TV series on apps such as Amazon and Netflix. 

There are many documentary movies, short films and low budget movies you will find on these online streaming apps. As per one of the recent articles by GKFTII (School of acting and filmmaking). Today’s people love streaming online content more than normal movies and shows on television.

As per the research, In Indian School of Cinematography, Netflix spend 8 billion in 2018 on film and TV series, and company plan to expand that budget to 12 billion in 2020.


2. Using handheld shots

 School of Cinematography


Many horror films today are coming up with handheld shots to throw a thrilling effect in the movies. The aim of using handheld shots is to show fear and shock feelings. Apart from that, these handheld shots are also used in other genres of movies such as sci-fi, animated and others.

One of the major benefits of putting handheld shots in movies is to bring the real touch in story and characters. Many Hollywood, as well as Bollywood movies, has used handheld shots for making the movies more interesting.


3. Feature of virtual reality 

The concept of virtual reality has not touched the film industry yet. But it is estimated that the movies will be made from the characters and storyline of video games. The directors and filmmakers are now planning to make interactive movies using virtual reality. Through augmented reality, the visual effects in the movies can be made more appealing.

In addition to that, the virtual reality brings more cinematic effects in the movies. It shows the story in a more interesting manner. The viewers will get into the story of the movie rather than enjoying the beautiful locations.


4. Social commentary in movies  

The film and acting school have come up with social commentary in new movies. Today, the male roles are played by females and there is no racial diversity in the movies. The actors from various parts of the world enter the film industry. Even the most successful directors are choosing the actors from different countries to play the lead roles in their movies. 

Unlike before, the females today are given the main roles in the movies and there is no unfair treatment as such in Hollywood or Bollywood film industries.


5. A rise in the social-political arena 

Many movies today show racial problems and other social issues. Unlike the past years, the movies today are becoming more open on social issues such as LGBTQ, interracial marriages and others. 

These social issues are gaining the attention of people all around the globe. The movies such as Loving, Get Out and Moonlight are presented for Golden Globe and other awards. Even in Bollywood industry, the directors are taking realistic issues to make the movies. Apart from films, the Indian TV shows are also showing more realistic stories.


6. Practical effects 

Majority of the filmmakers today are using practical effects in the movies rather than computer-generated imagery (CGI). With the help of practical effects, the directors are creating some of the most robust movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


7. The rise in the use of autonomous drones  

Drone cameras are no more a tool to capture live videos or photos of a location but have come up as film making tools. Today, the drones come with a variety of features such as viewing angles, screen position, and sizes.

Most of the cinematographers use drones to capture the scenes of the movies. The benefits of drones are the clarity in scenes and algorithms. They can fly up to a greater height and take photographs as well.


8. Crowdfunding

Today, the filmmakers get funds easily through online crowdfunding. Earlier, the directors and the filmmakers had to find many sources to collect funds. The sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are providing funds for the development of movies. 

There are numerous advantages of online crowdfunding. They include no interest on the money raised, independent filming and distribution of profits only among the filmmakers. Some of the best movies made through online crowdfunding are Veronica Mars, Wish I Was Here, Lazer Team and others. 


9. Boost in fantasy films 

Gone are those days when movies such as Romeo and Juliet interested the audience. Hollywood industry is now making more fantasy movies and biographical movies. The directors are investing more money in making movies of genres such as fantasy, biography, and adventure. 


10. No horror movies, please 

Most of us have enjoyed the real horror movies in our childhood days. A few years back, the school of acting promoted such actors who could give a true thrilling effect in the horror movies. On the other hand, there is no trend in horror movies these days. The viewers are more interested in real-life issues and events rather than creepy and horror movies.



These are the latest trends and techniques which have come in the Hollywood and Bollywood film industry. They have changed the scenario of the film industry and increased profits over the years. 

Gulshan Kumar Film and Television Institute in India (GKFTII) filmmaking school is also introducing these techniques and new ways in the filmmaking courses. It is estimated that these trends will be followed even by the future generations of the film industry. 

The future of film is better than the past years with the changes in technology and trends. 

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