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Noida: ‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’. March 8, is the day when we celebrate the spirit of womanhood across the world. What better way to celebrate it than to shine light on the ladies who have contributed to society with their talent, perseverance, and timeless wisdom. This Women’s Day we bring to you some inspiring stories of Super women at T-Series StageWorks Academy & GKFTII, who shaped their dreams and did everything to take the world on their stride.

Rachna Luthra

Age:42 years

A homemaker chooses to break all the barriers and chase the dreams she always saw from open eyes. This super woman is a mother, a singer, a fashion designer and now a playback singer at T-Series StageWorks Academy.

Minal Chadha

Age: 28 years

She is a successful doctor but this is just not the dream she ever saw. She now begins her journey to complete the dreams of being a successful singer with T-Series StageWorks Academy.

Tanu Khanna Rao

Age: 40 years

Working as an Event  Manager this super woman quits her job to pursue her dream career in Direction & Production from GKFTII.

Neelam Batra

Age: 38 years

A professional makeup artist is what she liked, but being a playback singer is what she loved. Hence, this super woman followed her dreams and is a proud student of T-Series StageWorks Academy. She is all set to debut as a playback singer in big banner films very soon.

Tanusha Gupta

Age:46 years

An MBA graduate and having worked as a Finance professional for many years, this super woman chose her passion for music over her career. Taking professional training from T-Series StageWorks  Academy she is now  a successful playback singer.

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