Reporting Techniques & Skills

Jul 27, 2020     GKFTII

Reporting Techniques & Skills

The most dynamic and vibrant field of Mass Communication has made enormous impact on every branch of tree of life. It has become more institutionalized and source specific. With the information revolution catalyzed by internet availability, it has converted whole world into one global village. In the present scenario, the role of a journalist professional has become of great significance. Media being the fourth pillar of Democracy, on its shoulders lay the responsibility of its impeccable and unprejudiced functioning. A qualified and well- trained reporter can play a pivotal role in educating, entertaining, informing, persuading, interpreting, andguiding the masses by becoming proficient at gathering news and learning art of writing news.


At Gulshan Kumar Journalism and Media Institute of India, the students learn the importance of clarity and accuracy in writing news. They become adept in the art of writing Articles, Editorials, Middle, Profiles, andLetters to the Editor, Book Reviews, Film Review and Sports Reviews. The expert lectures integrated with practical exposure make the students industry ready. The teachings focus on developing analytical skills and techniques required to evaluate newsworthy events and report key information. After becoming adroit in Reporting Techniques & Skills, a vast canvas of career opportunities opens before the students to be a news reporter, news presenter, an editor, a feature writer or a photojournalist.

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