Reasons to Choose Journalism and Mass Communication

Jul 17, 2019     GKFTII

Reasons to Choose Journalism and Mass Communication

On a boring day when you switch on your television and see your favorite childhood movie is being telecasted, your day isn’t boring anymore! Infact it turns out to be a nostalgic moment as you can recollect all the memories connected with the songs and even calling out the dialogues of the movie even before the hero did. You grove on the music from the movie and the people around you do not hesitate to join in to shake a leg.

Now Wait a minute and think!

Do you realize what just happened?

Grooving on a song and calling out dialogues with the people around you is a sign of an impact!

You ask how it’s an impact?

The answer to this is Mass communication-One of the fastest way of disseminating information

In this fast paced life, we may forget the birthdays of our loved ones but one will never forget “Gaur se dekhiye is shaks ko” guy pointing a finger at you thru the television screen which is from a news channel.

This character is so deeply engraved in your mind that we often use the same dialogue to mock our friends it they’re being naughty.

Have you ever given a thought that why are you able to sustain such information? This is because of the power of Mass communication

Things are made with such beauty, attraction and creativity that it leaves an impact on us for rest of our lives. Mass communication is one such study of how people exchange their information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time with an amazing speed. Often when the topic of Mass Communication is being discussed the first thing which strikes to everyone mind is reporting and television glamour, but there’s more to it.

What you will learn in Journalism and Mass Communication

GKFTII (Gulshan Kumar Film and Television Institute in India) offers several courses in the field of Journalism and mass Communication like short term, long term and diploma in Journalism and mass communication. In each program you learn all the fundamentals of Journalism and mass communication but in each courses we aim on slightly different objects. Here you get the latest and advance tools and techniques and opportunity to work on live projects with industry experts. Get started with our Journalism and mass communication courses syllabus that are shown below.

  • An introduction to journalism and communication
  • Principles of mass communication
  • Presentation skills
  • Research methods
  • Desktop publishing
  • Marketing communications
  • Media technology and practices
  • Law and ethics in mass communication
  • Media, culture and society
  • Communication theory
  • Intercultural communication
  • Crisis management

Gulshan Kumar Journalism & Media Institute of India is one such prestigious institution where the true sense of mass communication is being practiced making the career of the youth a secure one.

Located in Film City, Noida and filled with modern facilities, high quality equipment’s and having industry experts and professionals as the faculty, well designed industry oriented course structure, intensive practical training, assured internships programmes and continuous placement assistance to the students, gives a direction to your dreams and turning it into reality.

Courses Offered

If you’re one such individual who dreams to make their dreams come true in the field of mass communication you must not miss this opportunity. Gulshan Kumar Journalism & Media Institute of India has to offer several courses shown below.

With a vision to produce global leaders of highest intellectual and ethical caliber, Gulshan Kumar Journalism & Media Institute of India delivers high quality technical education in emerging areas of media. GKFTII (School of Media & Journalism) is known for the best mass communication institute in India. Gulshan Kumar Journalism & Media Institute of India gives direction to its students to grow as a professional, handle things with responsibility, and produce artwork that has a major impact on our communities, our society, and the world.

As India is a fast growing country in terms of media, population, film industry so there’s a good opportunity for everyone in this field.

Career Option after Doing Journalism and mass communication

A professional course in mass communication can open doors for career in Media, Radio, advertising and PR Field which includes journalists, reporter, script writer, news anchor, editor, photo journalist, radio jockey, voice over artists, logo designer, copy writer, font designer, marketing and promotions, public relations executive, public relations agent, public relations manager, content writer and many more fields. From journalists to an event manager a student can opt for any field he likes. The scope of mass communication in India is wide, if you can do well in your field, you can work with top notch production houses, news channels, radio channels, publishing houses or PR firms of the country.

So if you think you got what it takes to be a success in the industry and make an impact on the world then join Gulshan Kumar Journalism & Media Institute of India and give your dreams a chance to become a reality.

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