Radio Production & Jockeying

Dec 26, 2019     GKFTII

Radio Production & Jockeying

Radio Jockey as a career has spread obsession in the younger generation more than any other new professions in the recent past. After a precipitous downfall in the popularity of radio broadcasting due to the advent of the TV and then of the Internet there is a bounce back of this popular mass media with the same force and fervor.FM Radio brought renaissance in this field again. These channels have infused a new lease of life to radio. The persons involved behind the scene in these channels are known as Radio Jockey’s or RJ is short.

 Radio Jockey is a complete package of a creative head, producer, and manager along with speaking skills and a little luck factor. To become a good radio jockey, research is the key, like in every other field. One needs to listen to good radio jockeys so that they can understand their style and later, with practice, develop their own. They need to understand the needs and expectations of audience & give them just that. Voice plays a major role in successful venture in this field. The aspirants should have clear diction and pronunciation and need to know how to modulate the pitch and tenor of their voice.

GKJMII offers comprehensive training requisite for a career as a radio Jockey (RJ). Students gain training in verbal communication, creative thinking and audio technology. The short- term certificate course has been specially designed to improve the presentation skills, voice quality, creativity, communication skills and presence of mind of the students. The students are being provided intense practical training by the highly experienced faculties through amalgamation of their industrial and academic knowledge. Students of the course spend most of their time learning and practicing production of individual radio shows at our well- equipped audio station.  It provides understanding and concept development about Radio Broadcasting which include the growth of radio, Grammar & aesthetics, understanding sound and production. This course helps student in getting into the lucrative and most sought after professions today: Radio Production and Jockeying.

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