Post Pandemic Fashion

Apr 5, 2022     GKFTII

Post Pandemic Fashion

Major global events always affect the way of people’s dressing, and grooming.

We all know that the world is fighting against corona virus, due to which people are getting affected in many ways. Fashion industry is worst hit during this pandemic. Though few people are quite active with their unique styles on social media, most of us are living in our pajamas. This makes us think whether industries will be producing comfy sports wears or will increase manufacturing of casuals. It may remain conventional also once lockdown lifts.

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People have different opinions for this but there are chances of revenge dressing to be popular post pandemic.


People are forced to stay inside for so long, so they would like to feel the change by dressing up as a revenge on the circumstances.

As supplies are also on hold due to lockdown, this is the time to source everything locally. This will help local artisans also.

Indigenous fashion will make consumers do a mindful shopping rather then lavish spending. People will be more conscious about sources, where, their products are coming from. Consumers will buy clothes that are sustainable.

These clothes will be produced ethically and therefore it will increase the cost per wear.

Consumer’s behavior may change after pandemic. People will choose clothes that are easy to wash, germ free, and antibacterial. Consumers will look for the clothes, which are durable, more practical, and low in maintenance. Customer will buy more comfortable fits. People will learn to mix and match, reuse, recycle old clothes to change the look. This will reduce the carbon footprints also as people will tend to buy less.

Custom made dressing will be in demand in comparison to “ready to wear” mass production.

Healthcare products will be more in demand than beauty products. And lot of cosmetic companies already started manufacturing healthcare products.


Masks are going to become new must carry accessory. It may become a signature piece or status symbol in near future.Fashion shows will be digital. Brands will turn into digital clientele to keep up demand during shutdown. Brands are booking orders to deliver after lockdown lifts.

Fashion influencers will change, as there will be more real people as fashion introducers than celebrities.

Luxury fashion will likely be the end of the queue when it comes to prioritization. Things will be on sale for some time and people would like to buy online. People will prefer to buy from nearby places.


Computers will replace people. Store style shopping assistance will be replaced by apps as to put order or complete a purchase. People may experience more voice commands and less human interfacing and personal interaction.

Indian designers copy European fashion industry. In fact we don’t need too many collections and only two seasons are more than enough because lot of places in India we have same kind of weather through out the year.


Hopefully fashion industry learns a lot in this pandemic and we expect brands to go slow with their new launches. This fashion industry may see a downturn for sometime as people are suffering from financial setback but sooner or later it’s going to rise again.

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