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Around there is an occasion, and I have so many clothes but nothing to wear!!!

Well this is the story of most of us.

But people don’t know how to feel new with the things they already owned.

Let some ideas encourage you to spend wisely, buy items that provide longevity, rework what you love and maintain your personal style throughout.

It’s really satisfying using our favorite old clothes to refashion.Hold on to it, trends come back.

Spend a night with your wardrobe at least once a month.

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If you are bored with what you have wearing them same way over and over again, its time to restyle your clothes.

Here are some tips that will make you look at your wardrobe in a whole new way.

In order to contribute to healthy environment you should start restyling with what you have, before shopping.  

You should get inspired with some looks.

For example;what talks about you?

What message do you want to send through your style?

Start getting creative and pin images, which resonate with you.

Note down some theme looks and search for these in your closet.

When thinking of restyling, you should look at your body as a stylist.

Accept the challenge bytrying new things and you never know what works for you and suits your personality.

Refashion is cost-friendly as some of your key purchases may be stillviable options.Some you can copy and paste into your new-season wardrobe as is, while some require a little update here and there. 

Lets start restyling your existing wardrobe. 


Try to make your wardrobe season less. If you follow all the seasons and run after having latest style on the ramp,it’s never ending. Come on!! that’s coming every month and sometimes every week. It will make you more restless.

You can use decorative pins,bows to attach some parts of your garments.

Play with the hemlines of tops or bottoms. Add some lace or other fabric to the top. And change your cuffs with some print.

Ribs can be added to replace the flairs.

Cut open the front or back to attach other fasteners to your tops or


Give your loose dress a new look with a waistband or make your top or buttoned shirts off shoulder.


Bleach pen can be used to write your messages on t-shirts or giving some spots on your jeans. Same way you can color your garments fully or partially by using dye or fabric paints.

Some embroidery or studs also can make a solid color, boring garment very interesting. Some buttons also can be added to the garment

One should try different ways of layering garments. Like sweatshirt over a coat or a sweater over a slip dress. Why not!


Change the necklines or wear them the other way. It works well with knitted

Giving a slit to a skirt mostly can change the look dramatically.

Adding or removing a sleeve can be very interesting.

Try adding waistband to your coat.A matching belt, which comes with your garment, can be replaced with a contrasting one

Tying a regular fit shirt on waist is also a good idea. Same time the shirt can be worn over a dress also.

Scarves play a big role if styled smartly, with many garments or bags with a bow.

Sometimes garments can be draped instead of wearing them and you see a new look.


Try to have those ongoing trends from your closet. For example if you have seen a style having blue blazer white shirt and jeans, you can get that look with a black blazer red t-shirt and jeans.

Love your garments and take care of them they too need it.Have fun with your clothes they deserve it.

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