Orientation Program GKFTII 12th Batch 2022

Jan 10, 2022     GKFTII

Orientation Program GKFTII 12th Batch 2022

As the education sector, all around the world is upturned due to the global pandemic and yet struggling to come back on track, at Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, GKFTII, normalcy has been almost restored. And the credit for this achievement goes to the dynamic young Director Mr. Hitesh Ralhan and his ‘Cool-efficient’ way of functioning. His timely advices and guidance at every level have steered clear the GKFTII out of two dark clouds into fair weather.

Three batches have already passed out amidst the intermittent Covid lockdowns using ‘Offline-Online’ hybrid mode as the effective tool that was gainfully employed. Lockdowns have nourished the growth of Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms and GKFTII students have been quick to grab this opportunity. In the last session, 38 students cleared for the prestigious diploma certificate, out of which most of them have started working.

 Today the 12th session has just commenced adhering to all Covid-19 protocols in letter and spirit. A modest number of fifty odd students have been admitted keeping the COVID-19 protocols in place. Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean, GKFTII is very optimistic about writing another success story with this session. Especially with the efforts of the energetic Mr Hitesh Ralhan, Director, GKFTII and blessings and full support of Mrs Sudesh Kumari, Director, T-Series, TSA educational wing and GKFTII, the institute is all set to push the benchmark higher. Prof Kalyan Sarkar is very proud of his extraordinary team of much learned and experienced faculty who are the backbone of GKFTII. He expressed his gratitude to them for grooming such wonder talents in such short period of three months and specially in this difficult times. He also thanked Dr Deepti Trivedi, Vice President, T-Series Education Wing, for full support and vigil pertaining to the Corona fight. He made special mention of Mr Samir Mukherjee whose herculean efforts will always be mentioned in the history book of GKFTII.  The energetic administrative officer Ms Meena is Omni-present keeping a hawk eye on one and all to ensure adherence to COVID-19 protocols and institutional etiquette simultaneously.

As is the burning need of the day, Prof Kalyan Sarkar requested the students to follow all government guidelines related to Covid-19 protocols so that the next success story in pipeline does not get tarnished due to any tragedy of even a small proportion.

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