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When we think of rain we imagine enjoying it with hot snacks and cup of tea or coffee. Same time returning home with wetfootwear or clothes is not pleasing at all.

We wait for rains to get some relief from summer heat, but it comes with the thought like compromising looks. So here you will find some tips to make monsoon dressing comfortable yet stylish without the fear of ruining good shoes or clothes in wet weather.There is humidity to keep in mind as well.

Send your pastels on a short monsoon vacation. Opt for dark and bright colors. For women blue, yellow and neon will work very well. And man can go for browns and greens. All should avoid light color bottoms as it can get stained in rain.Shades of lime, a bright coral, acid yellow and neon pinks are some hues that take well to the humidity. Just ensure the upper garment is bright hued and bottom wear is in deeper hues so they don’t get soiled.  You can really stand out in zingy pop hues and prints against the greys surrounding you,Avoid wearing contrasting under garments as those could be visible if your clothes get wet. Pick seamless, simpler colors.

Avoid tight-fitted and full-length silhouettes. Make way for free-flowing A-line dresses, Khadi Sarees, midi skirts, culottes, and cropped pants instead. Bring a chic twist to your ethnic wardrobe by pairing a straight-fit Kurta with ankle-length bottoms


However, if you are on the traditional side and love to wear your attire then opt for dress materials or chiffon Sarees, which are easy to dry, and are the right choice during monsoon season

Avoid wearing anything that’s difficult to manage and can get all messy in the rain, like drapes and ruffles. Pick simple layering.Opt for Sportswear-inspired clothing as these clothes absorb sweat easily, dries quickly and also doesn’t leave sweat patches.Go for a slightly flared jumpsuit rather than a fitted one when stepping out in the rains. Pull on a rubber band on the edges of the pants so you can pull it up and save the edges from getting soiled. If it does get soiled, do a nice fold up so that it looks styled.


Denims are not an option for monsoon as they take a long time to dry. Stick to lighter fabrics as their breathability helps deal with the humidity. Pure cotton, mull, chiffon, nylon, gabardine and lightweight silks should be your go-to options.

Transparent fabrics, linens and heavy knits are a complete no-no.Some synthetic clothes should be avoided. Wear outfits that are made from fabrics with fast colors, as excessive sweating can lead to color bleeding. .

Keep your accessories minimal and ensure they are not reactive to water. Also, avoid fabric accessories as they get soggy and might leave stains.Add weather-friendly jewelry. Colorful beads and plastic jewelry will work as great add-ons. Avoid wearing metallic or wooden jewelry during this season. Do not over-accessorize- a bright statement neckpiece, a broad cuff or small studs would be enough.


The most important part of your dressing is the footwear. Secure footwear that will be comfy yet trendy without comprising on your attire. Ballet flats, rubber soledfootwear with good grip, are good choice as they prevent slipping on the road or getting caught in muddy puddles. Waterproof leather slip-on, floaters, flip-flops, and PVC boots or sneakers are ideal choices for this season, as they will keep you safe from the dirty water puddles.Footwear, which has plastic or is made of nylon and polyester fiber, will keep your feet dry.Pvc boots in vibrant colors are‘in’ this season.





In rain umbrellas also can enhance your look if chosen wisely.  Vibrant color umbrellas are good for the season. Keep in mind that it should be foldable and easy to carry .If your dress has plain colors; team it up with a printed umbrella and vice versa.


If you are a person who doesn't trust the umbrella much then you can choose from a wide variety of rain jackets that are available in the market. If you commute using public transport, go for a transparent raincoat and if you travel by your own vehicle, One can also carry an ultra-light windcheater as it will help to protect your clothes against the drizzle and the water being splashed around by vehicles. In case you feel a cold breeze, the ultra-light windcheater will also come to your rescue and keep you warm.Opt for the trendy reversible rain jackets, which are not only comfy but even fashionably trendy as well.

When it comes to makeup opt for light shades of lipstick not very dark because if it runs it leaves marks. Waterproof varieties are also a must. Make it up with makeup: Considering how heavily it pours in the city. Its best to wear your makeup wisely. Most workingwomen avoid wearing any kind of makeup during the rainy season andcompromise on their looks. So, instead of compromising on your looks, opt for waterproof eyeliners and mascara, which can act as a savior during this humid climate.


Stylish leather handbags are a big 'No' during the monsoon season, as they may tend to lose their shine. Opting for waterproof bags are your best bet this rainy season, as they are stylish, colorful and trendy at the same time. More so, they have enough room to store all your essential belongings. These waterproof handbags are available in a variety of colors and styles; a waterproof bag is worth every penny

Whether you hate it or love it, a practical wardrobe is must to survive through the drenched, humid months of the monsoon season. 

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