Master Class by Eric Pillai, Nick Whitaker & Suchit Ahuja.

Mar 17, 2018     GKFTII

Master Class by Eric Pillai, Nick Whitaker & Suchit Ahuja.

Mr Eric Pillai the ace sound designer and guitarist who composed from a young age of twelve took a master class with the students of TSA and Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, GKFTII. He was awarded the GiMA award for the ‘ASHIQUE-2’. Students were enlightened and put all kind of technical questions which he answered with patience. Besides Mr Nick Whitaker, an Electro-Acoustics and an alumnus of Sanford University, Mr Suchit Ahuja, the MD of ‘Beat box entertainments’ and Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean, GKFTII were there to address the students. In replying to a student Mr Eric pointed out that the soul of music is more important than the technique. Tinmber or tone can be changed through modern software but a soul cannot be created. Every individual has different dreams and aspirations and the new singers should refrain from cloning other established singers. Putting the apprehension of the students to rest while replying to a question Prof Kalyan Sarkar asked the students to discover the enormous latent talents within themselves and enjoy their work to move forward on the success highway with confidence.

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