Mass Communication Institute in Delhi

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Mass Communication Institute in Delhi

Mass Communication: one of the best career options

Mass communicationas the term says is one of the mediums used to spread information to a big group of people at the same time. The term mass communication is not just limited to only journalism but also spreads too many other branches including reporting, gathering of news, film production and direction, advertising, event management, and corporate communication, etc.

In the last few years, this field has evolved out as a highly interactive area and has the power to provide news on all the human life-related aspects. It is gaining wide popularity among the citizens of the country via television, newspaper, and the internet, etc. Going into a Diploma in Mass Communication can be a great career option as it comes with various opportunities for the candidates. The career comes with great paying opportunities and completes satisfaction with the job along with a lot of learning and creativity.

Eligibility to pursue Journalism and Mass Communication

In order to get into the Mass Communication institute in Delhi, you need not have strict regulations like the medical and engineering fields. What is required the most is your passion and dedication to become an expert professional in mass communication. If you are planning to get admission in Journalism Institute in Delhi, you need to have below mentioned skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • High confidence level
  • Ability to solve complex problems
  • Ability to work in strict deadlines and under extreme pressure
  • Creativity to work
  • Skills of researching and networking
  • Observation skills and ability to solve tricky problems
  • Ability to express the ideas confidently and clearly in front of anyone
  • Always remain up to date with all happenings in the society
  • Have complete knowledge of the language whether written, spoken or verbal.

Various certification courses in Mass communication

There are various certification courses and other courses being offered in Mass media are as follows:

The courses can be taken up at undergraduate as well as at the postgraduate level.

Undergraduate courses

For taking up the undergraduate courses, a candidate must have completed his or her 12th standard in any of the stream and that too from a recognized board. You should at least have a percentage in 40 to 60 in order to take the admission in the Mass Communication institute in Delhi. You will find the minimum age criteria of 17 years to get admission in some of the colleges.

Postgraduate courses

In order to get into postgraduate course for Journalism and Mass Communication, a person should be graduated from some recognized and affiliated university with a minimum of 40 to 60 percent. Some colleges mention the minimum age to be 23 years.

Popular job profiles and the top recruiters in mass communication and media

Once the candidate completes the Mass Communication course successfully, there are ample career opportunities available in the field of media and mass communication. Once you take up the professional course and grab complete knowledge, you get a good platform for building up your career since you can get into fields like scriptwriting, journalism, television and film industry, public relations, event management, editing, advertising, and production, etc.

Some of the top recruiters that popularly hire the mass communication candidates are as follows:

  • Hindustan times
  • The Hindu
  • The Pioneer
  • Outlook
  • Times group
  • Zee Network
  • NDTV
  • Star India
  • India TV and so on.


The field of journalism and mass media is full of excitement, adventure and a lot of new challenges. People who are having the ability to build up spicy stories along with making smart words are the perfect people to take up the Journalism and Mass Communication course. The profession comes with a lot of money, prestige, and honor. A journalist plays a very important role in the nation’s growth along with spreading awareness amongst the people. Thus, taking up a course in this field can be a great option towards a successful career.

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