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As it is said that ‘history repeats itself’, and it is not differ for fashion too. Fashion of India is as old as the human civilization with the mix of historical influence, culture and regional. Our generation is very much influenced by the fashion world and it has become as essential as our basic needs.We are not talking about just wearing clothes, but the developing and changing fashion trends which we love to incorporate into our wordropes.When we look back at the glorious centuries of kings and queens, flashes visions of beautiful palaces, forts, fine arts, music and of course undoubtedly extraordinary clothing. India has seen Mughals, Marathas and Rajputana rulers who brought a distinct quality and influenced to ancient Indian fashion. Many royals families till now kept their heritage intact with their style of dressing. Finest craftmanship on clothing and ultimate finesse in textiles are the reason that Indian history in fashion is so rich and memorable. Designers often take inspiration by the royal dressing of various regions from ancient Indian fashion Everybody have heared the name of Maharani Jodha. A beautiful Rajput princess marries a Mughal Emperor

Akhbar as a part of alliance. Her dressing style was not just an ordinary queen. Her attire immersed in richly embroidery woven fabric with surface ornamentation like zardozi, kundan etc to create her royal attire in bright and vibrant colours. When we talk tbout her jewelry, it was worth every stare. Her fine jewelry made frome polki, kundan and fine jadau work. Heavy and borad necklaces, earrings, borla and waist band. Jodha’s style of dressing has inspired current bridal fashion in India. Royal looks of bridal are immensely inspired by Jodha’s jewelry and lehengas.

Now let’s talk about Anarkali suit which was first became popular in Mughal’s ancient time as it got it’s name from Anarkali a renowned Mughal Empire courtesan. It is popular because of its long & flowing kurta that completes any women look in an elegant way. Legenda also says that Anarkali has dazzled everyone, specially Prince Salim. Her love is eternal although the end of the story was sad and that is the beginning of the Anarkali suit pattern.With passing years of time this Anarkali suit became so popular that legendary Bollywood star Madhubala wore this which made this ethnic wear even more popular during 70’s and selected by every lady as most favourite attire. The bright colours and fancy designs are particular in the Anarkali suit and this became a signature of Anarkali suit design. It showcase the beautiful work and art of Mughal era and make them perfect for parties and wedding ceremonies.


Anarkali suit we see todayis a modernized version of the Mughal era Anarkali suit which was worn by the mughal courtesans. They are made up of flowing frock style kameez and a churidar or slim-lined bottom along wuth matching dupatta. Anarkali suit are simple, comfortable and breezy outfit. Apart from being comfortable this dress looks elegant. The interesting feature of these suits is the use of constrasting colours. Due to embroidery on the sleeves and necklines they look extermely beautiful. The Anarkali suit is a combination of old and morden traces of Mughal culture mixed with fashion trends.

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