GKFTII School of Media & Journalism launched its e-Newspaper We Yuva- Exploring Satya

Mar 28, 2022     GKFTII

GKFTII School of Media & Journalism launched  its e-Newspaper  We Yuva- Exploring Satya

Sailing unprecedentedly through the pandemic crisis, Gulshan Kumar Film and Television Institute of India is leaving no stone unturned to reach a new milestone with every passing day. In this regard, School of Media and Journalism of the Institute has recently launched its e-Newspaper “We Yuva- Exploring Satya”. The bilingual monthly newspaper was virtually launched on June 18, 2021 by renowned media star, Mr Ajit Anjum and the ceremony was presided over by Director, GKFTII, Mr Hitesh Rahlan and Vice President T-Series Educational Wing, Dr. Deepti Trivedi.  

In this cybernetic age, embracing the digital technology, the institute has launched an electronic newspaper for outlet of creativity, ideas, and developing critical thinking skills of the budding journalists. A newspaper is instrumental in shaping opinion, perspective, and debate—all of which are invaluable for the media students.

In the era of cut throat competition, proper training creates good professionals and through this e-newspaper,the institute has made an attempt to provide voice to the future defenders of democracy.

to shape an offline newspaper into a responsive, dynamic content including images and videos containing digital newsletter which anyone can build, publish and read on the web. This will be interactive and engage more number of users.

of the newspaper took place on Jwas launched  e-newsletter combining passion and hope, with the ultimate goal of inspiring positivity and action during the current uncertainty.

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