GKFTII Convocation Ceremony of 11th and 12th batch 2022

May 18, 2022     GKFTII

GKFTII Convocation Ceremony of 11th and 12th batch 2022

Three continuous lockdowns due to the pandemicseverely hit the education sector which in turn ruined many fledgling careers at every corner of the world. However, the faculty, students and management under the able guidance of the dynamic and youthful Director, Mr Hitesh Ralhan have a different story to say. His valuable directives at every crucial juncture and courageous decisions helped to steer clear the hurdles and save the careers of students of Gulhan Kumar of Film & Television Institute (GKFTII), from getting ruined because of the adverse socio economic avalanche due to the lockdowns.

17th May, 2022 will be a red letter day for the 78 odd students who passed out with flying colors on this day. The combined convocation of 11th& 12th sessions commenced with a standing ovation to the successful students for their indomitable courage and resilience in combating the pandemic and serial lockdowns. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Mr R K Singh,former Engineer-in-Chief, Doordarshan. Mr R K Singh is responsible for phenomenal growth of our National Television Channel in eighties. He contributed to the transition from Black & White to Color transmission of Doordarshan. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence Chapter and its development.

The Guest of Honor was MrPawan Kumar, Senior Video Journalist of AAJ TAK who is riding the wave and is in the eyes of everyone for his daredevil coverage of the Russia- Ukraine war from the battle field live. He has given seventeen years of his valuable services to various private sector TV channels and been a part of many trend setting television programs. For last seven years he is in AajTak.

            Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean, GKFTII, anchored and moderated the event in his unorthodox and witty style laced with anecdotes of the great from this field.Taking pride in GKFTII he informed the gathering that ‘Pursuit of excellence’is our motto and this is binding together the faculty, management, staff and students ensuing abundant energy required to overcome all adversaries. Never before any institute has witnessed such bondage between various departments. This collective effort, perseverance and wisdom resulted in creating landmark achievements by Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India in a record short period against all odds.

            Mr R K Singh advised the students to feel confident and face the interviews and auditions as they have gone through the best possible training in the field. He also asked the students not to be deterred by any rejection as one learnt more from failures and that’s the foundation of preparation for the next interview. He also emphasized on developing better communication skills if they wanted to be a winner. Prof Kalyan Sarkar invited Mr R K Singh to take specialized classes for the new batch of students to which he consented.

            MrPawan Kumar shared his experience of the field with the students. He asked them to be patients, as patience and perseverance can bring success in media. He shared his recent experiences of war that has brought him to the lime light once again. Students surrounded him and asked several questions.

            Students were happy to receive their prestigious diplomas from the dignitaries. They proudly got themselves photographed. Mr R K Singh in his meeting with the Director, Mr Hitesh Ralhan and the Vice President Dr Deepti Trivedi expressed surprise and happiness to see the phenomenal growth of Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of Indiain such a short time.The guests were very impressed by the facilities at GKFTII. The short, crisp, well planned and executed event was concluded by paying vote of thanks by Prof Mansoor Naqvi, Associate Dean, GKFTII.

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