GKFTII Convocation Ceremony Feb 2021

Apr 7, 2022     GKFTII

GKFTII Convocation Ceremony Feb 2021

The dark clouds of covid have started thinning away and the government is gradually removing the restrictions. Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, GKFTII is quick to respond and resume the training at breakneck speed. The purpose is to induct the students into the industry before the highway gets over crowded. The ninth convocation ceremony didn’t come the easy way for anyone. After days and months of darkness, uncertainty, anxiety, tragedies, the nation is limping back to normal. Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean, GKFTII, informed the gathering that the teaching fraternity took upon themselves to bind the students and stay connected throughout the pandemic calamity. This has developed a strong bond between the students and teachers. During the lock down period GKFTII could go well beyond the prescribed syllabus by devising new indigenous methods through the online classes. Students were guided on phone and the standard of such student films made from remote control is the best indicator.

The enthusiasm and courage of the students post lock down was much appreciated by the Dean, GKFTII. The student initiative to restore normalcy at an earliest is laudable. It was noted by the Dean that this kind of courage and conviction is much needed in the industry. Needless to say they have a bright future. Some of the students during the height of the pandemic became corona warriors and helped fighting the Great War.

The final student films were shot with intelligent planning keeping all government restrictions in place. A new breed of disciplined and motivated students of GKFTII will prove to be an asset for the industry.

The occasion was graced by Dr Deepti Trivedi, Vice President Marketing & Academics, Dr Priyanka Sharma, Associate Dean School of Fashon Design and Dr Anand Pahariya,  besides all the teachers and staff of GKFTII. Mr Hitesh Ralhan, Director GKFTII was conspicuous by his absence. The Director’s message and good wishes were conveyed to the students by the Dean. Dr Deepti congratulated Prof Kalyan Sarkar and thanked all his team members for the stupendous work done during the lock down in binding students with the institute. Particularly the innovative idea of practical training online was appreciated by her which was new to the world at that point of time. She also mentioned that GKFTII was the first institute in India to hold convocation post lock down. At the end students were awarded the prestigious GKFTII diploma certificates by Dr Deepti.

Prof Kalyan Sarkar appreciated the wonderful planning and implementation of the GKFTII team for making it possible for smooth transition from complete lockdown to normalization in such short duration.

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