GKFTII 10th Convocation Ceremony September 2021

Mar 11, 2022     GKFTII

GKFTII 10th Convocation Ceremony September 2021

When the child steps out of home for the first time and goes to a nursery school, hispangs ofseparation from mother is traumatic and painful. But it is mandatory for him to step out to learn and discover the world.  This is repeated in life with every forward moment. When he steps out of the alma mater he is pained and filled with emotions. Convocation is always a rainbow of mixed emotions. While you are leaving your friends and teachers behind you have the excitement of meeting unfamiliar people from the field where you have to make your mark and prove your metal. Your greatest strength is your dream, ambition and newly acquired knowledge from the institution.

The convocation ceremony of the 10 session was unique in many ways which was held on 17th September, 2021. The students had to go through two severe lockdowns due to the pandemic but their morals were high. First lockdown taught everyone ways to keep floating in emergency.The experience gathered was put to use gainfully in the second lockdown.  The entire faculty of GULSHAN KUMAR FILM & TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA made it a mission not to allow the spirit and moral of the students to sink. Through well planned and concentrated meaningful online classes the faculty kept them in touch and supervised their development.Even if that meant to be direct ‘one to one’ contact with the students. As soon as the government permission was obtained, it took no time to restore the normalcy.The valuable student careers were saved from getting spoilt.

Students have developed a strong bond with their teachers and they are not apprehensive anymore to take the plunge into the field. They have tremendous trust in their faculty which was very much evident through their enthusiasm and gleam in their eyes.

After long period of uncertainty, anxietyand devastating tragedies, the nation restored back to neo-normal. The Dean of GKFTIIproudly informed the gathering that the faculty and staff played the decisive role in winning over the pandemic and not allowing it to ruin lives of the students. While tragic scary news trickled down from institutions after another,GKFTII diligently managed to float its head above the rest and move ahead in the race.

Several students of cinema have started getting job offers. Some had already worked during pandemic and lockdown too. Many students are conspicuously missing today as they are shooting at Mumbai, Uttarakhand, Lucknow and elsewhere. The demand was such that a few of them had to miss their examination and even this prestigious convocation ceremony on account of their new jobs. We pray that this spell of triumph continues for long time to come.

Prof. Santanu Bose, Ex Dean of NSD and head of the NSD Repertory, a learned popular dramatist and a theatre teacher, was very impressed with the students. He spoke about the restructuring of audition for the newcomers post covid-19 lockdown. The new modality of hybrid online auditioning has proved to be blessing in disguise and more effective for production companies and the newcomers alike. Prof Kalyan Sarkar also appreciated this new pitching method.

Mr Shankar Sahney, music exponent the famous folk and spiritual singer, guitarist and promoter of music also graced the occasion. He informed the students that the OTT and other such platforms have generated immense scope in the field. However he advised them to be patient and adhere to their profession against all odds if theyaspired to make it big in the field. After the program MrSahney told the Dean that students were very enthusiastic and charged with energy. He was impressed by the great work done by the faculty of GKFTII in grooming these students.

Conspicuous with their absence were MrsSudeshKumari and MrsTulsi Kumar, Directors, GKFTII, as both were out of town with important engagements. However, they sent their good wishes and prayers to the students and faculty on this great occasion. Madam SudeshKumarirequested the Dean to convey her appreciation to the teachers and staff on her behalf for the good work done in spite of lockdowns and the pandemicwhile following the government directives in letter and spirit. The Director Mr. Hitesh Ralhan took time off from his pressing engagements and ensured to present the prestigious diploma certificates to the students individually. The students were thrilled to get themselves photographed with the director.

The Dean, Prof Kalyan Sarkar informed that all practical classes, productions and examinations were conducted strictly adhering to the government directives. He thanked Prof Mansoor Naqvi, Associate Dean, and all faculties for meticulous planning and implementation for the success of the batch.  He thanked the Director Mr Hitesh Ralhan for constant guidance and instilling courage in the team. MsMeena, Admin Officer took upon herself to make all arrangements for the ceremony in very short notice.

Prof Mansoor Naqvi, Associate Dean, GKFTII paid the vote of thanks to the dignitaries and in his address reminded the gathering that GKFTII is committed to excellence and each and every student had been  groomed to attain highest epitome of success in the field.The ceremony was well attended and concluded with note of optimism. It was followed by a working lunch.

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