Formal inauguration of the 3rd Session. Chief Guest: Gulshan Grover

Jul 21, 2018     GKFTII

Formal inauguration of the 3rd Session. Chief Guest: Gulshan Grover

The 3rd session of the Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, (GKFTII),opened with much fanfare and grandeur. The entire faculty and staff ensured to create another success story with the formal inaugural function. The chief guest was the most famous international star from Mumbai, Mr Gulshan Grover.The occasion was graced by Mrs Sudesh Kumari, Director, GKFTII besides the other Directors, Ms Tulsi Kumar, Ms Khushali Kumar and Mr Hitesh Ralhan.

 Ms Tulsi Kumar in her address told the gathering that she is taking forward her father’s dream in the form of GKFTII. Gulshan Kumar always shared his success with people. Entry into the film industry was always very difficult marred with exploitations. A proper film school with a mission could elevate people and show new aspirants the highway to success. She praised the entire teaching faculty and staff for raising the GKFTII to this level of excellence in this short period. 

Ms Khushali Kumar, the renowned international celebrity fashion designer, was beaming with modesty and humility in spite of her stupendous success in international arena. Hollywood stars like Shakira, Leann Rimes, Ashanti, Melanie B, Carmen Electra, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Justin Biebers like to flaunt her flamboyant designs on all major events and programs. When asked to guide the students about the significant character traits in personality that leads to success, she in her characteristic modest fashion emphasized to respect the parents.

Mr Gulshan Grover addressed the students at great length. Mr Gulshan Grover, who has done Masters from SRCC, recalled his inspiring journey from a middle class Tri Nagar colony to Bollywood and not stopping there. He continued his sojourn to the top productions of Hollywood. Students listened to him with rapped attention as many found their own dreams resonating with his struggle. It was not a story of ‘rags to riches’, but that of true determination and grit which found many takers in the audience. It was all the more valid at this juncture as the senior students in their final phase are about to pass out and embark upon the journey towards the film and media world, a concoction of glitter and glamour sprinkled with ample trials and tribulations. In an answer to the students he reminded them, “When the going gets tough the tough gets going”.

 He emphasized the need to be attentive in the classroom as the foundation of the success is laid down at this very place in the Alma matter. He time and again asked them not to worry of future rather than concentrating in the class. Sharing from his days of struggle he told the students that they would have to salute the drivers and attendants of the producers and directors just to get an opportunity to talk to them for getting a role. GKFTII students are lucky to be in the top film industry production house. The GKFTII, he emphasized is not a money making exercise but it is the vehicle that is carrying the legacy forward of a legend. The long question-answer session was full of wisdom and a great opportunity of learning. He summed up by saying, “You have to leave your comfort zone to be successful”.

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