Formal Inauguration of GKFTII 11th Batch

Sep 13, 2021     GKFTII

Formal Inauguration of GKFTII 11th Batch

The auspicious day of ‘Ganesh Chathurty’ ,10th September, 2021 will be a red letter day in the lives of forthcoming students of currently launched session at Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India (GKFTII). During the short ceremony with new students, Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean,GKFTII proudly introduced the team of highly talented faculty members, who would be the mentors and facilitate the shapingof glittering futurefor each student. Prof Sarkar, in his characteristic witty and entertaining style, anchored the program having underlying theme as‘Pursuit of excellence’, the success mantra of all times. Prof Kalyan Sarkar reminded the students that the word ‘struggle’ could be disregarded as he considered it to be the birth prank attached to all good things in life. He emphasised that ‘difficulties’ have ‘hidden opportunities’too and one must convert ‘hurdles’ to ‘prospects’. Achiever has to be a ‘visionary’ to realise his dreams.Prof Sarkar also drew attention to the ever changing stylization of cinema and fast developing technology associated with it, emphasizing the need of specialisation in learning.


Mr Naresh Dabral, a senior acting faculty, stressed the importance of hard work right from the ‘Day 1 of any venture’.He conveyed the message that ‘Knowledge compounded with Perseverance’ always brought dividends in every walk of life.

Mr Nitin Sharma stressed the importance of having faith and trusts in their Gurus and implored them to bestow the due respect upon them.

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh related interesting anecdotes from his film industry experiences and reminiscences.In his view, most important character that the students needed to imbibe was ‘being fearless’.

Prof Krishna Kant Wadwa stressed upon the need to view the learning of any discipline in totality and not in isolation, thus endorsing Prof Sarkar’s integrated approach to film making. Earlier the Dean had explained that there was no sharp demarcation between the various disciplines of film making as they flow into each other’s domain. It is therefore advantageous to acquire knowledge about other disciplines of film making, as well.

Mr Sushil Sharma told his experiences related to auditions. Actors are required to give up any form of hesitation and ‘fear of failure’ in their journey of progression.

Mr Satyam Srivastav told the students to experiment and start creating a program-bank right from day one. They must set their goal high and work towards it. He wanted them to keep pace with the technology which, he too felt, was changing rapidly. Besides he wanted the students to first understand the need of ‘self-introspection’ in order to reachout to the masses in this competitive world.

Mr Rajinder Singh asked them to focus and increase their concentration power.He mentioned that the ‘road to success’ is an individual pursuit and has to be traversed alone. `Prof Mansoor Naqvi, Associate Dean was conspicuous by his absence as he was indisposed. The Dean took upon himself to convey blessings and good wishes of Prof Naqvi to the students.  Mr Saikat demanded from the students to do ‘better than the best’ in the field. Mr Shankar requested the students to follow each and every word of their teachers to the ‘letter and spirit’ as their words were gems and bound to make them successful. He pointed out to them that from this current day the students have developed a bonding with their ‘Gurus and mentors’ which would be everlasting and guide them throughout their lives.Ms Ashima Khanna, acting faculty, reminded the students that the industry will gauge GKFTII through the performance of the students and their conduct. Henceforth, each student of GKFTII has alarger responsibility to shoulder.

Before the closure Prof Kalyan Sarkar, thanked Mrs SudeshKumari, Director of T-Series, Ms Tulsi Kumar and Mr Hitesh Ralhan, Director, GKFTII for their immense contribution in realising the dream of the great visionary Mr Gulshan Kumar of‘setting up the film school for the non-film industry people who had no God fathers in the Film Industry’. He also made a brief mention of Ms Beenu Tiwari and her marketing team and acknowledged them for guiding students in selecting disciplines most compatible to their aptitude. Prof Sarkar thanked Mr Samir Mukherjee especially for contributing beyond the call of his duty in implementing the whole project right from its inception and standing by the Dean and his small, ‘lean and thin’, smart and exceptionally talented team. Prof Sarkar told the students that in a short span of eighteen months of existence, GKFTII had reached the heights equal to that of its competitors and had moved ahead of them even before the lockdown-one. Howeverthe pandemic and lockdowns that followed have neither dampened the spirits nor deterred them from their mission. The enthusiasm and passion of the teachers and their students go quite far to proof this fact.

The event was a stupendous success with thundering claps and unending rounds of applauds. By the time event came to an end, the students were all charged with enthusiasm and energy. They thanked the Dean at his office after the event for they were more than happy and considered theywere lucky to be disciples of such masters. They had glitter in their eyes filled with optimism and faith in their future.

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