Five Tips you need to know to become a Successful Filmmaker

Mar 24, 2022     GKFTII

Five Tips you need to know to become a Successful Filmmaker

1. Watch Movies  

If one wants to become a Filmmaker it is only natural to spend hours watching various films, but watching films does not mean a leisurely laugh or unnoticed scenes. Someone who is serious about the art of filmmaking they will make a conscious effort to understand the films in two ways for eg:

a ) Watch the Film without sound

     When one watches a film without sound, pay attention to the cinematography or in layman term the camera work;how the director is moving the camera to replicate emotions digitally. This is the perfect technique if one wants to observe how stories are told visually, and how the camera behaves to provoke and narrate the situation of the story in the film.

b) Watch the Film without vision

 Similarly, when watching a film without visuals, our auditory senses are heightened. This helps us to understand the various sound bits that come together to give clues of the environment in the scene being shot.

2.  Learn An Actors/Directors Language

While being a budding Actor or Film Director, one needs to be familiarised if not memorize the language used while discussing films or on sets and shoots. The technical language will help you understand the environment in this industry and also make you a step ahead of everybody !

As a Director you want to have a good equation and that your commands are understood by the crew and actors.

Eg : Action, Cut, Call time, Equipment details, Light and coverage, Rolling

As an actor you should be well versed with various methods of Acting, in order to approach every character and Director with the professional knowledge of of your Talent.

 Some ways of Acting :

  1. Fully Submerging in the character and only trying to think from that perspective. It is called the Stanislavski’s system.
  2. The Chekhov Technique, where you physically and mentally change yourself in order to portray a character.
  3. Method Acting, isused by actors to create in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters, so as to develop lifelike performances.

3.  Become a Master Storyteller

 To a become a Filmmaker you should be mastering the art of telling stories, captivating people with your actions, expressions and gripping words.

Write screenplays and scripts, practice by observing other films and how they use actors and words, emotions, environment and a lot of other elements which are used to create one film.

4. Keep up with the Industry

Nowadays, life is not as simple as it used to be, it is not enough to have just talent to be successful, you have to look at the bigger picture, not everyone is lucky enough to get a big break and make a blockbuster film. Many budding directors work a lot of different jobs in the Entertainment Industry in order to Build relationships, connections, while being humble and diplomatic and eventually they reach their goals with Bigger dreams than their previous one.

5.  Choose the Right place for you

Choosing the right film and television institute to develop your passion is very Important. Choosing on the basis of knowledge and practical education is very tough, but if there is a place which specialises in film and production, do not miss the opportunity to join in.

Gulshan Kumar Film and Television Institute provides you with incredible support and Knowledge that is needed to become a success story in the Film and Entertainment Industry. There is no better day than today to thrive for your dreams!

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