Filmmaking Program

Apr 7, 2022     GKFTII

Filmmaking Program

All theory and no practical training makes no man, successful. GKFTII not only promises but delivers professional practical training to its students. Filmmaking is a very vast subject and to master all its attributes it requires in depth knowledge and also exposure. In the specially crafted course curriculum of One year advanced professional diploma in Filmmaking program at Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, students are free to choose any four technical aspects from the vast ocean of filmmaking and professional training is given to the students on their area of interest.   Students are given practical projects with multi-camera wherein they make their own creative short film. These type of practical projects gives them exposure to the real industry, students travel to the location, set the shooting spot, act, direct, cinematograph, edit and create an innovative masterpiece all by themselves. Working for such projects to be ready to fit into the industry from the industry experts themselves is what sets our students apart from others. Our students are under the guidance of extremely experienced experts who have worked in the industry for long now and hence they get to learn from our faculty’s rich experience. GKFTII students have successfully made a handful of shortfilms that have received love and appreciation from all. The efforts they put in is rightly reflected in their films and such hardwork and efforts help them a lot to step into the industry and showcase their talents and this is why our students achieve great heights in their filmmaking industry .

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