Discover your latent talent-Orientation program 10th Batch acting students

Aug 7, 2020     GKFTII

Discover your latent talent-Orientation program 10th Batch acting students

Health, business, education,sports, social activities, entertainment, etc., gotdisrupted due to the Corona pandemic.  There is not a single person in the world who has not got directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic. As the government and individuals gather their resources and try to brave forward, it becomes apparent that it requires dogged determination to restart the activities with an altogether new perspective. ‘When going gets tough the tough gets going’! How true is this old proverb in the context of this unprecedented calamity currently being faced by the entire mankind.

In keeping with our tradition of the Film Industry, ‘The Show must go on’, atGulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India, GKFTII, the orientation program of the 10th session Acting batch students commenced online ensuing all government directives and above all with stronger resolution and determination. In spite of the anxiety in the society a good number of enthusiastic students took their first step in fulfilling their cherished ambition of becoming actors by enrolling and putting their trust in GKFTII. Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean GKFTII appreciated their spirit and welcomed the students.

Prof Kalyan Sarkar, anchored the online program. He introduced part of his faculty team members to the students whose passion and experiences were visible in abundance and students felt much confident having chosen the field and the institution in particular. Through his interaction he showed the glimpses of the Film and entertainment industry.

Prof Manssor Naqvi, Associate Dean, GKFTII, through his speech told the student actors to work on Diction and pronunciation first. He being an expert on the subject himself told them that he would be conducting a few specialized classes to help them. Putting the apprehension of the students to rest he informed the gathering that nepotism, favoritism and partiality doesn’t really work in the film industry. Afterall talent alone counts.

Mr Ravinder Pal Singh, HOD Screenplay writing assured them that they would get the right guidance from the teachers to discover their latent talents. Himself a veteran from the film industry advised students to make sincere efforts in learning the acting skills from their trainers.

Mr Naresh Dabral, Senior Acting faculty and an industry veteran guided the students to develop patience in abundance to conquer this field. Ms Ashima Khanna, an young energetic acting Faculty, told students to be persistent in their effort which works like a vaccine against the malice’s of the field.Mr Shariq Naqvi, an energetic young Faculty member, made the students aware of the importance of the other OTT platforms through his brief address.

Prof Kalyan Sarkar gave a brief run-down about the contribution of Sri Gulshan Kumar who had once revived the dying Bombay Film Industry alone in the eighties. He talked about Gulshan-ji’s vision of a Film school which remained

unfulfilled. Mrs Sudesh Kumar, Director T-Series took upon herself to rekindle the unfulfilled mission of a film school along with her Daughter MrsTulsi Kumar Director GKFTII and Mr Hitesh Ralhan Director. Prof Sarkar conveyed the directors’ assurance of all kind of academic support in order to make the students successful and fulfill their ambitions.

Prof Kalyan Sarkar reminded his own mission statement ‘pursuit of excellence’ which must be followed in letter and spirit in order to be successful.

Prof Sarkar thanked Mrs Sudesh Kumar, MrsTulsi Kumar and Mr Hitesh Ralhan for whole hearted support for making this endeavor successful. He also made a special mention of Mr Sameer Mukherjee HR, for his dynamic contribution which worked as catalyst for making it stand on firm grounds in short span of eighteen months. Since then it has started competing older institutions and leaving them far behind. After the address of the various facultiesMs Ashima Khanna conducted a short class for the student titled ‘Understanding the actor’s domain’.

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