Corporate Communication

Mar 28, 2022     GKFTII

Corporate Communication

In today’s dynamic and ever challenging global business environment which is often beleaguered by political and financial uncertainties, business entities have to struggle hard to build and sustain a favorable reputation among its internal and external public. Corporate Communication is a process of communication through which the authorities exchange their views with the subordinates and employees in any corporate organization and negotiate with the outside world with a view to fulfilling the objectives of the organization.A constant communication of corporate messages with utmost efficiency and credibility has become the obligatory requirement. Keeping in view the current business scenario, there is a great demand of skilled and super smart communication executives to plan and execute communication strategies.

Gulshan Kumar Journalism and Media Institute of India endowthe students with right training and understanding of professional communication practices in the corporate world. The institute makes concerted efforts to develop competent and sought after communication skills in its students.  The students develop the understanding of the strategic role of corporate communications for various kinds of business operations, issues and crisis management. Keen on enhancing their qualifications and skills with essential knowledge of Corporate Communications, students are taught to plan communications strategies to influence employees and stakeholders through skilled training and workshops provided by industry experts.

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