Convergent Journalism

Mar 28, 2022     GKFTII

Convergent Journalism

With the bloom of world of the internet, emerges a new form of journalism: convergence. This cross-media journalism involves amalgamation of broadcast, print, photography and internet sites. It necessitates journalists to be skilled in more than one discipline. Rather than being an expert in only broadcast journalism, convergence allows the journalist to be an expert in print and photography.

Gulshan Kumar Journalism and Media Institute of India  aims at creating digital media professionals who are ready to join digital or social media firms as content writers, media planners, media strategists or digital media managers. Students are trained in producing news and content on the medium and platform that best fits a specific audience. Students are taught required skills to produce news and content in a more impactful way using multiple mediums to tell a stronger story, write and edit web reports and headlines and analyze media campaigns. Students learn to use design tools to create social media presentations and are taught the importance of creating content for Social Media.

Here at GKJMII, experienced and renowned media practitioners from the media industry take regular workshops of the students. During the course the students get opportunity to take part in production activities such as news programmes and talk shows. By the end of the course the students become experienced professionals meeting all demands of cross- media industry.

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