Citizen Journalism

Dec 3, 2019     GKFTII

Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism implies media consumers generating their own news content. “Citizen journalism” is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business these days. Citizens collect, report, analyze, and disseminate news and events happening around them just as professional journalists do.

In the era of smart phones, everyone has 24/7 access to technology. Citizens are often the first on-scene for breaking news happening around them, at an accelerated pace than the traditional media houses. However, unlike professional journalists, citizen journalists may not have conducted the same background research and source verification, which can make these leads less reliable.

Citizen journalism has played a major role in 21st-century political events. The Web site Twitter established itself as an emerging outlet for the dissemination of information. Citizen journalism has expanded its worldwide influence despite continuing concerns over whether citizen journalists are as reliable as trained professionals. Citizens in disaster zones have provided instant text and visual reporting from the scene. People in countries affected by political upheaval and often in countries where print and broadcast media are controlled by the government have used a variety of technological tools to share information about hot spots.

Democratic Media Participant theory has realized itself in the form of Citizen journalism. It has made news-gathering as a democratic process — one that would no longer solely be the province of professional reporters. Social media has played a vital role in revolutionizing news. Social media doesn't just play a role in disseminating citizen-generated news; it also stands as a source for professional journalists to identify the stories they need to cover.

Despite its vast impact on our daily news, citizen journalism is not without its flaws. The biggest concern is the reliability of news, including fact-checking and the risk of incorrect information being disseminated.

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