Break the Rules for Fashion

Mar 31, 2022     GKFTII

Break the Rules for Fashion

Fashion is a most important part of our life. There are some rules to follow and make fashion perfect. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken but some of rules are not able to break and yet looks glam.

Annoying rules that you've heard your entire life about fashion:

  • "Don't pair this with that."
  • "Don't wear this color with that color."
  • "Never wear this during that time." 

1. Don’t Wear long Skirt if you are short women –

Right, Mostly long skirts or dresses will be very long for short women but alteration will make it perfect length for you or you can use your scissor for yourself. Doesn’t Metter what’s your height.

2. Don’t mix Prints –

Floral print with lines/ checks/ plaid/ dots. Yes you can marge two prints together.Mixing prints is the fastest way to achieve that maximalist look which we love from popular brands like GUCCI.

3. Don’t wear all Black –

Black is look like royal. Don’t think black as a negative colour. A black color outfit can easily be combined with all the colors of the spectrum.Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance. So wear black and make you highlight in a crowd.

4. Fitted Dress looks unprofessional if you are plus size -

There is some mentality that if you are plus size so you should wear fluffy, loose or oversize outfit but this is not a rule. If you are plus size so you can wear fitted outfit but in black color because black give you look slim.

5. Don’t wear Black, Blue & White on Indian Religious Activities–

Indian ethnic clothing has always been the favorite garment of the whole world.Yes this is true that we can’t wear black, Blue or White in religious activates but we can choose similar supplementary from that color like- Sky blue, beige, light grey etc.

6. Always wear Lingerie at your home –

Yes, this is normal that nobody want to wear Lingerie at Public place but we can make it good combination with other garment like- Lingerie with Trouser / Shorts + Blazer+ Boots. Is it Good Combination???

7. Don’t wear men’s garment –

This is not a rule that we can’t select any outfit from men’s section. Even children’s section is also a good choice for some good pieces according to your size (if you are Small Size)

8. Matching Shoes & Bags –

Always match your begs & shoes color/ print/ texture etc. but this is not necessary. This matching is an old concept related to school uniforms but this is not a rule. Mix your patterns, color, textures etc. according to your dress or theme  is a faster way to look more attractive.

9. Don’t mix Metals –

Metal combination should be look good together. Like- Yellow Gold with Copper, Rose Gold with Silver etc. This is not a rule that you can’t mix all metals. Always choose good combination.   

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