Bramha Kumari sister Aditi-Ben at GKFTII

Aug 14, 2019     GKFTII

Bramha Kumari sister Aditi-Ben at GKFTII

Problem and solution are two interlinked entities, known to co-exist since eternity.  With passage of every moment, we swim in the unfathomable ocean of time and traverse towards the realm of unknownwhile livinglife in all shades of pleasant and spiteful experiences alike.  At the crossroads of our life’s journey we often strut, stammer and stagger to place our feet firmly on ground. The vision gets blurred, faith flicker and flounder while the devil takes control of the reins of our lives…all because we have stopped searching within ourselves and in turn started drifting away from the ‘Supreme Soul’. Such is the irony of life. The happiness dwells within us, within our mortal form. However, in the modern world we imbibebitterness, hatred, jealously, acrimony in pursuit of happiness and make our lives miserable all the while chasing a rainbow or a mirage.


In conquest of true happiness, once againthe Director of T-Series Madam Sudesh Kumari invited Bramha Kumari sister Aditi-Ben to lit up the auditorium of T-Series with her divine light of spiritual wisdom.She was welcomed by Prof Kalyan Sarkar, Dean, Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India ,GKFTII. She mesmerized the students, faculty and staff with her words of wisdom and profound knowledge of inner soul. The auditorium was filled with silence and she could make the ordinary mortal hear the voice of their inner consciousness. Madam Sudesh Kumari herself is a deeply spiritual person and always believes in sharing the fruits of her own spiritual blessings with one and all. She wants her students to imbibe our strong puritan culture right on the onset of life and therefore organized such spiritual opportunity particularly for them.           

Sister Aditi-Ben on this particular occasion started with identifying the issues of the fast paced material world to which we all are connected. She told that thinking about problem issues generate negativity while thoughts of solution radiate positive energy. She advised the gathering not to brood much on problems and instead channelize the thought and energy to explore the fruitful solutions which would be always positive in nature. Her simple solutions to the complexities of life were the specialty of her spiritual discourse. Each one of the gathering present in the auditorium felt that Sister Aditi-Benwas dealing with his problem and thus could connect well. She taught meditation to the whole house and practiced along with the students. Meditation, she said,should be incorporated in the curriculum as an antidote toameliorate the stress responses due to the hectic pace of life that today’s media students and professionals had to bear with, and this, she shared, she knew too well as she was a part of such situation in her past.

In accordance to Indian tradition, at the end of the wonderful program,Sister Aditi-ben tied Rakhi to all the teachers, students and staff of Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of Indiaand distributed sweets.

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