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Here are five reasons out of many to join Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of india.

Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India is an offshoot of  T-Series Group, and by Off- Shoot, we mean it is a noble initiative &  project undertaken by Tulsi Kumar, daughter of Gulshan Kumar and a popular singer.  She along with her husband Hitesh Ralhan and Mrs.Sudesh Kumari, Director- T-Series Group are the founding members of GKFTII. Yes,there are many film institutes in India, GKFTII definitely stands out by virtue of being India’s leading Production House and   its business reputation world over. In the entertainment industry T-serieshas been long withstanding the position of producing many Big budget films, with even bigger stars acting in them. This makes GKFTII a very precious institute, as it has a lot of experience and support from people who are already in the major league in Bollywood. So, here are five interesting reasons you should join GKFTII :

  1. Art of FilmMaking

           Since this academy is all about turning rough stones into shiny gemstones, we believe in working hard & providing the best., Our faculties are highly trained professional in the field of Cinematography, Direction Production, Acting, TV & News Journalism, Screenplay writing etc, have made a significant mark, helpIing our students tremendously with their confidence, stage performances and bringing out a  true artist inside.

2.         LIVE ACTION

           We firmly believe in giving our students the real deal. Our students are exposed to many celebrities who are part of the films (Akshay Kumar, Sharman Joshi, Vidya Balan, Tulsi Kumar), music production of T-series film studio. The students at GKFTII get Exclusive Interactive Session with celebrities where they get to know  Industry’s best of experience and knowledge, that help them in their journey ahead.

3.           T-Series Film studio is one of the leading production houses in Asia. T-series Aces in  producing their own music and films, which is a very rare combination in India. T-Series have given major breaks to many renowned faces of bollywood like; Akshay kumar, MK Raina, Vidya balan, Saif Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Shradha Kapoor, Urvashi Rautela among others.


      4) Since T-series has its own production company making innumerable films & Television

            Productions throughout the year, Deserving alumni’s will be guided to be absorbed in

            the films produced in house. They will be Launched through T series, in their upcoming projects.

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